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The amenities in a community certainly add up to plus factors when choosing your own home. For the ICON Residences, there are enough facilities and amenities to let residents enjoy their free time as they bond with their family and friends. 

The best part is the property has 24-hour security (equipped with CCTVs) so you can be sure of your love ones’ safety and security. In fact, they have a Building Administration and Security Office for any related concerns. For the pet lovers, you will be glad to know that small pets are allowed in your units. 

For a start, the building has a high and grand lobby and lounge reception area that is exquisitely designed. There is a fully landscaped driveway and gardens all over the property. Residents can avail of the various services they offer bringing easy living, comfort and convenience:  maintenance, cleaning and housekeeping services, hotel style concierge services, laundry and babysitting services.  

The Ground Floor has commercial and retail establishments and a business center. Three high speed and interior finished passenger elevators are handy for residents’ use.  How convenient for residents should they need some stuff or need to avail some basic services– they’re readily available. 

For the health buffs, you will be happy to know that there’s an available lifestyle and fitness gym. No need to avail of expensive health and gym club memberships outside of your own home. No need to be stressed if you would be caught up in traffic or it will take time to reach your gym. Everything here is convenient since it is just literally within your own place. How comforting is that, especially for many people on the go?  Or you may bond with your family as you work out together. That will be fun! So, go and stretch those muscles, walk, jog, run, skip, bend and hop as you do your morning or evening routines. Definitely – a healthy body stirs up a healthy mind. Health is wealth as they say so it’s important to prioritize your over-all being.  

This lifestyle and fitness gym has other perks like lockers and changing rooms so you would really be glad that it is complete. No need to worry about storage of your stuff or if you need to change clothes for an after-gym event. You may go directly and immediately to any scheduled event or activity after a good workout. 

There are also function rooms that you can book for events and milestones like birthdays, baptisms, graduations and promotions parties or any small gatherings of friends of relatives for any occasion.  

For the kids, there’s a playground area so they can make of the big spaces to run and do their games. Kids can interact with the neighbors or maybe invite friends over for playtime sessions. Aside from the playground, there’s a kiddie infinity swimming pool exclusively for the kids. They can play in the pool and swim for as long as they want. Organize and schedule swimming parties maybe during weekends or school vacations or breaks so your kids will enjoy their free time and be rested and recharged for the next school year ahead of them. 

Parents will be at peace as they can watch over their children and bond with them, too. Read a book, or do your own activity while taking a close watch over your children during their swimming sessions.  For the best leisure indulgence, there is a   6-meter high patio/veranda adjacent to the infinity pool so enjoy and take a break. The weeklong toil and activities certainly deserve a time for relaxation and some de-stressing.

  • Swimming Pool with Golf View
  • Common Security guarded entrance for the two Towers
  • Gym club
  • Locker and changing rooms
  • Playground Area
  • Stand-by power generator
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